Strong engagement is what enables media companies to sell more ads or more subscriptions at higher price points than Joe Blogger. Still, in the hyper-competitive digital media space, attracting and retaining an audience is hard.

Digital media companies use Boomtrain technology to increase engagement by giving each reader a unique, tailored experience. This strategy ultimately allows them to create a loyal audience, stand out from other media companies, and reduce their reliance on outside platforms.


Key Takeaways

By using machine learning to personalize the content of each email, UpOut increased subscriber engagement: its click-through rate increased 3x.



UpOut is an event guide and membership program for adventurous locals. Each month, members get complimentary tickets to over 200 events and access sold-out shows.

The company had been a longtime MailChimp customer, but the process of curating content every week and sending out campaigns felt too manual — especially as UpOut expanded to more cities, and created more segments within each city.



UpOut used Boomtrain technology to:

  1. Automate the content population and delivery of its emails
  2. Personalize the content of each email to each subscriber’s behaviors and interests

UpOut personalizes its emails with Boomtrain machine learning technology, which uses a deep understanding of UpOut’s users and content to send each subscriber a unique, relevant email. Behind the hood, the personalization process is highly complex; for UpOut’s team, it was incredibly easy — easier than handcrafting a newsletter every time.



With Boomtrain, UpOut saw a 3x lift in click-through rate.

Boomtrain has also helped UpOut use email to improve users’ overall experiences and further its mobile strategy. From Sam Ho, UpOut’s Chief Product Officer:

Email is not dead. Even in a mobile-first world, email is still a huge part of our engagement strategy. And truthfully, email is mobile. Over 60% of our emails are opened on a mobile device, which results in traffic to our mobile website and app. Boomtrain has taken things one step further by bringing in personalized content to each of our users, so we can engage each user even when they don’t directly open our app or website.

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