SheFinds encourages women to treat themselves. Their curated list of fashion trends, beauty tips, daily deals and life hacks help modern women focus on the important moments and events. It is important for SheFinds to stay personal with their audience to cater to the unique tastes and preferences of every woman.


After their contract with Sailthru ended, Shefinds needed a solution that could deliver news and updates to their subscriber base of over 1 million. Sailthru introduced user interface changes that made it difficult to build emails in the style that SheFinds used for over five years. They were looking for a solution with a great customer support team, that would be involved through the onboarding process and beyond. They also wanted to add an element of personalization to their emails and improve delivery reliability, as the newsletter they send to their subscribers helps them drive traffic to their website.


Boomtrain’s team stepped in as the new partner to SheFinds. They were able to provide great support, which was something that was missing when they worked with Sailthru. The team at Sailthru had grown so big, that SheFinds often felt like their support emails weren’t addressed when they needed help the most.

With Boomtrain, the support team is always ready to jump on a call or share video tutorials to help answer questions. Learning the logic of how to build a filter, or a template with personalization elements that worked for their subscribers was helpful. Together, the teams are now working on growing email lists, increasing engagement, open rates and CTORs. The teams are also tracking the user activity and user engagement levels for subscribers in different segments.

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SheFinds is excited that they found a partner they could bounce ideas off of, and learn about different tools and services from. In the words of Jeanine Edwards, VP of Content and Product at SheFinds, 

“It’s a true partnership, and it has been a game changer to work with Boomtrain. The level of customer service and personalized attention has been amazing.”

Would you like to grow your user engagement with the help of a committed support team? Try Boomtrain today.

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