Connect every customer to the content they'll love

Smarter content, segmentation and personalized notifications

Boomtrain is a personalized mobile and email notification platform.
Our technology turns big data into better interactions, enabling you to connect with the right customers, at the right time, using the content most likely to engage each individual.



Automatically trigger and send emails based on user behavior and predictive analytics.



Earn users' attention by delivering highly relevant content at the most opportune moment.



Content tailored to each customer's behavior and delivered at their personal Prime Time.

Are you still sending the same unpersonalized, generic emails or push notifications to everyone in a single blast? Experience the benefits of personalized content with just a few clicks.


Smarter Segmentation

Want to send notifications that increase clicks? Shares? Purchases? All of the above? Tell boomtrain what to optimize for, and our machine learning technology will pinpoint the audience segment most likely to engage in that behavior for each individual piece of content you're promoting.


True Personalization

Whether you’re connecting with 10 people or 10 million, boomtrain’s personalized notification platform means that every single mobile and email notification can be custom-crafted around the content most likely to activate its recipient and sent right when they are most likely to engage with it.


Multi-Channel Platform

Deliver individually personalized content to every customer, every time, on any channel. Manage email and mobile notifications through one platform. Just set the rules and let boomtrain handle the rest.


Integration In Hours, Not Weeks

If you can integrate Google Analytics, you can integrate boomtrain. Our API-driven architecture and flexible data modeling mean you can be using our services within hours, not weeks. We can integrate with your current email service provider or hook you up with ours. Want to learn more? Check out our documentation.


Scalable to Infinity

Our infrastructure LOVES huge data sets. DataTrain™ can ingest any amount of data in almost any format, and our infrastructure scales horizontally, so the more you throw at it, the smarter it gets.

Get Smart. Get Personal. Get on the Boomtrain.