What are you putting in their Inbox?

Whenever you get a group of thought leaders in a room to talk about marketing, specifically email marketing, the list of things you should be doing starts to get out of control. In an effort to be helpful, I’ve included 7 key take aways that were thrown out during Inbox Awesome in NYC.

1) Newsletters aren’t dead, just in need of a face lift

The face of email marketing is changing rapidly with brands and technology moving beyond simple triggers and “mail-merge” style batch sends to complicated campaigns. Newsletters are more than ever a key communication piece in a marketer’s arsenal, in fact the common opinion was that email subscribers represent a large majority of a brand’s most loyal following. Rethink the purpose and role of your newsletters.

2) Email is one of the most important parts of our job

Paraphrasing from @SamSifton of the New York Times, the modern marketer is embracing the craft of email marketing and putting an extra layer of intelligence to their overall strategy and looping it within your brand’s overall image.

You don’t have to have a million email addresses as well, according to Justin Zhou (@hjzhou) from Iterable. 100K is the magic number to start playing with intelligence tools like personalization and marketing automation tools.

3) Robots make you more personal

Contrary to popular opinion, machine-based personalization makes you more human to your audience. In fact, our own CEO Nick Edwards (@nichlasedwards) sat on a panel discussing personalization and detailed how machines give you the ability to understand your audience as humans at scale. Couldn’t agree more Nick! 😉

[tweetthis]”machines give you the ability to understand your audience as humans at scale” via @nicholasedwards #InAwe[/tweetthis]

4) Don’t Be Annoying

Deliver value to your subscribers and don’t intrude. Pretty simple, right? Understanding not only the right time to send (read more about Delivery Time Optimization) and how often, but more importantly what to send.

Your subscribers are valuable. Knowing who they are is more important than what you write. You spend so much time getting them into your marketing funnel… plug the holes to make sure they stay in that optimized flow you’ve created for them.

5) Deliverability Remains an Issue

Emails are useless unless they actually make it into your target’s inbox. How are we ensuring delivery? There are so many hurdles – from ISPs, MTAs, SPAM software, and even your “from name”. As email marketers, we have worked hard to build our lists that it pains us to see low deliverability rates. No matter how much work went into building an amazing subject line, stellar CTAs, and copy that you swore Shakespeare would be jealous of, it’s a waste of time unless you understand Deliverability. Solution: Don’t neglect deliverability. Ask your ESP about how they ensure and strengthen the deliverability of your email campaigns. Be Proactive.

6) Email is everywhere, and it’s revenue

Email gives publishers a solution to AdBlockers that rob ad revenue. Getting people to sign up provides a conduit to deliver ads directly into your audience’s daily consumption ritual where ever they are – allowing publishers to focus on creating great content that gets consumed on every device.

With the increasing traction of wearables, a better understanding is needed on best practices to reach people across more devices than ever. We consume and engage differently depending on the device we are on. “Think Mobile First” must now include the ultra-small screen of wearables. And as @noahchestnut from Buzzfeed stated, “Metrics for the Watch are years behind”.

7) Emails can write themselves

The word Automation is like chocolate to marketers and c’mon, building emails is time consuming. Add in list segmenting, content curation, A/B testing, and multiple other activities marketers have on their demand sheet to send out an email – you need automation to process certain aspects that could do it in a tailored approach. Even with Automation, there is still SO MUCH work that often must be performed to repeat the process – so what about automation with intelligence? Michael Rothman from @fatherlyhq leverages the power of machine learning to build his email campaigns which has allowed him to focus more on strategy.

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