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Activities & Behaviors

What’s the difference?

Using the Boomtrain Marketing Engine (BME), you have the ability to track virtually every single action a user takes on your site. These actions are recorded by BME as Activities. An Activity can vary from simple page views to much more complex, like tracking purchases and shopping cart updates.

When you combine multiple user actions (or inactions), you create a Behavior. If a user views an item multiple times but never purchases, you can create a Behavior. If a user shares your content on social media multiple times, you can create a behavior. The possibilities are endless.

When crafting a triggered email campaign, you can trigger a message to your users after a single activity (such as ‘Welcome’ messages based on account signup activity), or after a behavior (such as “You left items in your cart ” messages based on abandoned cart behavior).

Example Activities

You can create an activity out of any action a user takes on your site. By default, Boomtrain tracks a ‘viewed’ activity every time a user loads a page. This is how we learn about a user’s habits and interests. There are many other actions users take that can be utilized for triggered messages. Below are just a few:

  • Social Share : To track social media shares or email shares.
  • Watched Video : To track video views. 
  • Comment : To track comments on your articles or forums.
  • Update Cart : To track updates to a user’s shopping cart
  • Purchase : To track purchases on the site.

To view all of the activities Boomtrain is currently tracking on your site, navigate to Activities > Tracked Activities.Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-06-27 12-01-44

Example Behaviors

BME can track any activity that occurs on your site, but it also offers a flexible environment to create behaviors with those activities. Here are just a few of the options to inspire your triggered email campaigns:

  • Abandoned Cart: If a user add items to their shopping cart but forgets to purchase, you can create a behavior and trigger a message to remind them to complete their purchase. Here is an example:If user has an update_cart activity and for the past 3 days it’s not followed by the purchase activity, the Abandoned Cart behavior is triggered.
    Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-02-05 12-38-56


  • Re-Engage: If a user hasn’t been active on your site in a while, you can create a behavior to trigger a message. Here is an example:A user fires a viewed activity by visiting your site. Another viewed activity occurs within seven days of the first, followed by an additional activity within the next thirty days. After that, all activity drops off for thirty days or more. This behavior can trigger a ‘slipping away’ campaign, which attempts to re-engage with the inactive users.
    Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-02-05 13-00-28


  • Fails To Subscribe: If your signup process has multiple stages that lead to a paid plan, you can create a behavior that tracks if a user has completed the full application process. Here is an example:A user signs up for a free trial on your site, but neglects to complete the paid membership application. If the application and payment is not completed within thirty five days, the behavior is triggered and an email campaign is sent to the user, urging them to upgrade their membership.
    Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-02-05 13-23-56


  • Dropped Out Of A Course : If a user signs up for a course you offer through your site, but doesn’t complete the course, a triggered campaign can be created. Here is an example:User subscribes to a course and within the first seven days, fires a completed stage activity by finishing part of the class. This is followed by no completed course activity within the following thirty days, A message is triggered to remind the user of the available course they need to complete.
    Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-02-05 13-32-08


  • Skips A Payment : If you’re a business providing a membership service, you can easily create a forgot payment message if a user misses a payment. Here is an example: 

    If user fires a failed payment activity, a triggered email is sent to the user letting them know of the issue.
    Boomtrain: Machine Intelligence Built for Marketers 2016-02-05 13-46-57

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