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BME Guide

Activity Mapping

  1. Go to Activities and choose Activity Mappings tab.
  2. Edit URL
    • Select the URL you want to map, for example: http://example.com/competing-on-customer-journeys/?q=1234
    • Strip the “http://” off the front and replace with a “^”, for example: ^example.com/competing-on-customer-journeys/?q=1234
    • If there is a parameters at the end of the URL, replace them with $, for example: ^example.com/competing-on-customer-journeys/?$
  3. Put the URL into the BME Activity Mapping page
  4. Name the activity under Activity Name section
  5. Hit Create Button

To test, simply:

  1. log-in to your site of choice and navigate to the URL you mapped
  2. navigate to Recent Activities in BME. You should see a “viewed” event for your view of the URL you mapped and a separate activity logged for your custom Mapped Activity. Success!
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