Happy May, everyone: we’ve got a new co-pilot. We’re revving up our engines, lifting off, and soaring into the stratosphere.

Goofy airplane metaphors aside, we’re thrilled to announce Boomtrain’s integration with Mailjet.

“Mailjet is a world-class email infrastructure provider with impressive presence in the U.S., Europe, and beyond,” says Neej Gore, Boomtrain’s Senior Vice President of Business Operations. “As more U.S. and international brands look to improve 1:1 customer communications, the Boomtrain-Mailjet combination is positioned to provide tremendous value.”

So, what does this partnership mean for marketers? Well…  



Deliverability is a big challenge in email marketing. More than 20% of legitimate emails never make it to the inbox — and if people don’t get your messages, the hard work you put into list-building and campaign-planning goes to waste.

Fortunately, Mailjet gives you a stable, reliable foundation on which to build your email marketing program. Among other things, Mailjet manages your sender reputation, gives you authentication tools, and provides the functionalities to help you optimize your send frequency and maintain high-quality email lists. (For more information on Mailjet and deliverability, check out this page.)

More than just an industry-leading email service provider, Mailjet is a global company (headquartered in Paris, no less!) with an all-in-one offer for marketers and developers. Mailjet’s products and services are available in English, French, Spanish, and German; the company is also data privacy-compliant in both the United States and Europe.



Once you’ve established a good sender reputation, it’s time to think about the reputation you have with your subscribers. Do you send them content they value? Do they look forward to your emails, or do they archive them without a second thought?

At Boomtrain, we approach this challenge the way Netflix approaches engagement. Netflix keeps customers loyal by using machine learning to a) understand each person’s tastes and b) recommend content they’ll love. We use machine learning to do the same thing — with your content and your users.

How does this work? First, we analyze your website content. Next, we analyze your users’ behaviors, building an interest graph for each one. Third, we use that data to automatically create and deliver personalized content recommendations: they can go in your emails, on your website, and in your app. Voila! Personalization at scale.


How the Boomtrain-Mailjet Integration Works

Step 1: first, a bit of setup: install a lightweight JS snippet on your website (this snippet allows us to understand your content and your users). Then, use Boomtrain Editor’s drag-and-drop interface to create a beautiful template that’ll render personalized content. You can select a template from our gallery or import your own — whichever works.



Step 2: edit the template to your heart’s content. Make any content personalized with just one click.




Step 3: pick Mailjet as your email service provider, export your template to that account, and send!




Each email that goes out will automatically populate with personalized content that renders at the time of open. If you’ve got a list of 15,000 subscribers, you can send 15,000 unique emails with the ease of sending just one.

Sounds like your kind of marketing tool? Head here to learn more.

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