As the name declares, CheapCaribbean is your go-to when it comes to realizing your Caribbean vacation dreams, no matter what your price range is. CheapCaribbean prides itself on being authentic and transparent with its customers, and want to ensure this remains at the core of what they do.



The primary need for CheapCaribbean was to identify a way to provide dynamic vacation packages and interesting content to customers, based on their shopping behavior. The end goal is to increase the amount of dynamic content they provide to their customers. This helps solidify the brand position and grow in the online tourism space.


With Boomtrain, CheapCaribbean was able to provide personal, dynamic content to their customers. Initially during Boomtrain implementation, emails went out to 1.2M people multiple times each week. In order to obtain better email results, audiences were segmented based on frequency of email interaction. By implementing the segmentation, open rates and engagement have increased and they are seeing a stronger response to the Boomtrain dynamic content.


CheapCaribbean measures success based on cost per acquisition. Dana Studebaker, CheapCaribbean Marketing Director describes the measuring process.

“If someone made a booking by clicking on the Boomtrain personalization section, then that’s attributed to the success of the program. We’re very excited to see a 1.8X ROI and expect it to increase as we continue to implement across multiple segments.”


Do you want to improve your email open rates and engagement with better segmentation? Learn more about Boomtrain Marketing Engine here.

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