Boomtrain is going to Manhattan!

Our CEO, Nick Edwards, will be a featured presenter at this year’s Inbox Awesome event on July 9th talking about the future of email, personalization, and the power of machine intelligence.

If you’ll be in New York during that time, let us know!
We’d love to discuss the future of email, onsite, and mobile personalization.

Inbox Awesome is the annual conference on the future of email, messaging, and workflow…and this year, Boomtrain will be there! Also in attendance will be speakers from Buzzfeed, Fatherly (one of our awesome clients!), Refinery29, The New York Times, Foursquare, and more.


Boomtrain to present at 2015 Inbox Awesome in New York - Inbox Awesome is the Annual Conference on the Future of Email, Messaging, and Workflow

Check out Inbox Awesome’s site for more information.

Winning messages, now
The game is changing. Update your game plan with this year’s ideas on the way to win with messages. Hear from the folks who are launching the startups and running the campaigns that work.

The shifting streams
Organized, disorganized. Native or in-app or cross-app. Deep linking. This year there will be more focus on the new trends changing the way users consume messages.

Details about the event:

July 9, 2015

Stollway Event Space
250 West 39th Street
Ground Floor

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