1:1 Marketing
Driven by Machine Intelligence

Stop treating your users as segments, personas, or cohorts.
Make every communication count.


7.3 Trillion Data Points | 1.35 Billion Recommendations | 350 Million Profiles | 1:1 User Experiences

The only marketing platform born from machine intelligence.

Boomtrain changes the way you understand and communicate with your customers on a 1:1 level. Understand your audience better and make decisions faster to easily individualize user experiences at any scale.

Imagine what having a million people on your marketing team would be like.

Built for Marketers

Machine intelligence built to solve marketers’ most pressing issues beyond simply “right time/right person”. Every day your users are giving you millions of data points that tell a story. Put that data into action to send the right message.


Integrates Easily and Quickly

Built to be the flexible intelligence layer for the modern marketer’s tech stack. Born to work with your existing ESP (or as your ESP) and Marketing Automation partner to avoid expensive and timely tear-outs, while removing the complex / cumbersome / resource intensive nature of existing tools.


Optimizes for Your Goals

Designed to work with your goals from day one. Predictive engines continually learn from your users and your content to meet your unique goals and objectives while delivering the results that matter most.

Unified User Profiles

Break down the silos of data around your users. Powerful machine intelligence analyzes behaviors across your emails, onsite, and mobile apps to build a single profile for each user so you communicate and convert more effectively.

Boomtrain’s Solutions:


Understand not just what works, but why? With Boomtrain Insights, go further than simple user and content metrics. Reveal hidden relationships between content and users to plan the right mix of content that’s consistently driving performance towards your unique business goals.

Onsite Personalization

Intensify every person’s onsite experience. Increase session length, page views, consumption, and your revenue by making your website the place that consistently delivers the content each person will love.

Email Personalization

Stand out in the Inbox. Increase Opens, Clicks, and Conversions by filling your emails with the content and products that are most relevant to each recipient right now. And do it all without lifting a finger.

Mobile Personalization

Make users come tapping back again and again to your app. Ignite app usage to maximize the value of every download. Create loyalty and delight by custom tailoring each person’s mobile app experience based on their individual behavior.

At Boomtrain, we understand that every organization is built differently. We work with brands across every vertical to optimize conversions.

More sessions, greater retention, more viral sharing.
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More transactions, bigger baskets, less effort.

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Get your content in the right hands at the right moment.
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“Before Boomtrain, our small editorial team was scrambling to curate weekly newsletters in four different regions and we weren’t seeing the results we wanted…With Boomtrain, we can be mostly hands off and let the software do all of the hard work.” Patrick Sullivan

Director of Product, CHOW.com (a CBS Interactive company)


Increase in Open Rate


increase in engagement rate

Anonymous Users Are People, Too

They are the key to robust, sustainable growth.

Learn how to:

  • Identify and track anonymous users.
  • Personalize at every stage of the user journey.
  • Use behavioral data to inform your content strategy.