Brenthaven manufactures premium protective mobile technology cases designed to survive the rigors of the digital lifestyle (or your own butter fingers.) Brenthaven’s focus is on driving new visitors to their site, but also on identifying customers and learning how they use the website.  


The Challenge

Initially, Brenthaven used Mailchimp to send emails to their promotional subscriber list of 25K customers. They offered a 10% discount to customers if they signed up for their email list, and used paid search campaigns for advertising. The biggest challenge for Brenthaven was to increase their promotional list, segment users, send targeted emails, and to create email templates faster without the help of a developer.


The Solution

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Boomtrain partnered with Brenthaven to create specialized segments and create triggered emails that move beyond simple purchase confirmations. The idea of having live chat support a dedicated relationship manager put them at ease when it came to their support needs. Together, customer success representatives at Boomtrain have worked with the Brenthaven team to set up:

  • A cart abandonment program

Where customers receive a lightbox offering a 10% discount when they are in their cart along with personalized messages reminding them about their purchase along with a coupon code for a discount.

  • A rate and review program

Where a customer receives a review request three weeks after they make a purchase, and can share their experience and feedback on the product. Once a review is submitted, a thank you email containing a promo code for their next purchase is triggered, encouraging returning customers.


The Results

“In the first month of using Boomtrain and implementing the new ‘welcome lightbox,’ we saw a 3% increase in overall subscribers, a 150% increase in welcome email sends and a 54% rise in revenue generated via welcome emails” said Chelsea Truesdell, an Online Marketing Specialist at Brenthaven.

Brenthaven is now growing their promotion list steadily at 3% every month. The shopping cart abandonment program lightbox accounted for 4% of orders and 5% of revenue upon implementation.

The addition of live chat to the website has allowed Brenthaven to improve their customer experience. Now, customers can ask questions as they arise, and it has helped them to identify how to improve product descriptions through repeat questions. Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a key measure of success for Brenthaven, and live chat has been a great resource for creating a great customer experience, and also decreasing time to purchase.

Additionally, the Boomtrain template designer has also reduces the time taken to create templates from a day to a few minutes. The Brenthaven team is excited that the template builder eliminates the need for a dedicated developer to help out the online marketing team.

Visit our product page to learn more about Boomtrain.

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