The following case study illustrates how CARS24 uses Boomtrain’s omnichannel marketing platform to offer a seamless experience to their customers and prospects.

Boomtrain helps CARS24 reach its users via email, SMS, automated IVR calls, Facebook ads, and more, from a single platform.

About CARS24

CARS24 is revolutionizing the way used cars are sold in India. Having 50 + branches across 11 major cities, it is growing swiftly. Apart from offering the best price for a customer’s old car, CARS24 also ensures that selling a car is a quick, hassle-free and safe process. 

Shivangi from CARS24 adds, “CARS24 buys second hand cars from customers. Customers can evaluate the car online and then can book an appointment at the preferred branch for physical inspection of the car. Based on the scientific inspection and live online auction of the car, customer is given the best price for their car.”

Screenshot from CARS24 homepage

The Challenge

CARS24, being a car-purchasing business, has to attract and engage users over a variety of channels—both digital and offline.

CARS24 wanted to keep its communication across channels as seamless as possible. It also found limitations in personalizing communication in email and SMS with its existing solution.

CARS24 aimed to achieve the following objectives:

  • Increase reach to target audience
  • Increase number of appointments on website
  • Increase footfall percentage at physical branches

The Solution

CARS24 chose Boomtrain as their marketing automation solution. Using Boomtrain Marketing Engine (BME), CARS24 is able to achieve a true omnichannel experience for their users.

BME acts as a central system for CARS24 to orchestrate marketing campaigns and as a repository of user database. Let’s delve deeper:


CARS24 sends triggered as well as bulk emails to its prospects and customers using BME.

One example of a triggered email is when a user registers for a car inspection appointment on the website. An automated email is sent to the user with the details of the appointment, which sometimes also contains an incentive for the user.

Example of a triggered email campaign

CARS24 sends bulk emails to customers soliciting their feedback about the service. It uses BME to perform A/B tests on bulk email campaigns.

Example of a bulk email campaign

Moreover, Boomtrain takes advantage of the services provided by Kickbox and ensures that CARS24 sends out emails to only verified addresses. This guarantees that CARS24 has always a high delivery rate and an extraordinary sender reputation.


Just like emails, CARS24 uses triggered and bulk SMS to reach users.

For instance, triggered SMS are sent when users miss an appointment. The SMS allows users to reschedule their appointment. Similarly, when users have had a car inspection but haven’t yet sold their car, a SMS is sent to nudge them toward a sale.

Example of a trigger SMS campaign

Bulk SMS are sent out for promotional campaigns such as “Refer and Earn.”

Phone Call

CARS24 extensively uses automated IVR calls to capture high-intent prospects. The IVR calls are almost always triggered per user activities.

CARS24 tracks user activities with Boomtrain and defines certain behavioral conditions when a call should be triggered to users. Using webhooks, Boomtrain commands a third-party IVR service to trigger automated calls as and when the trigger conditions are met.

For example, whenever a user books an appointment on the website but doesn’t confirm it with an OTP, an automatic IVR call is triggerred soliciting confirmation.

Facebook Ads

Using Boomtrain, CARS24 is able to create custom audience on Facebook to serve highly targeted and personalized ads to users. This function is carried out using webhooks which push user data from Boomtrain to Facebook.

For instance, CARS24 has a segment of users who evaluated the worth of their Hyundai i20 car on its website, but did not go ahead with an appointment booking.

This segment of users is then pushed to Facebook. CARS24 targets these users with hyper personalized ads on Facebook and aims to convert them into customers.

Similarly, CARS24 targets other various user segments (pushed by Boomtrain) through Facebook ads.

Unified View of Users

CARS24 uses Boomtrain as the single point of control for its campaigns across channels. Every activity of a user on all channels (email, SMS, phone call, ads, etc.) is tracked and stored in Boomtrain. With this unified view of each user, CARS24 is able to trigger custom campaigns and achieve a higher engagement rate across different channels.

For example, Boomtrain helps CARS24 know if a user has engaged with them over any channel, and what should be their next campaign to convert the user into a customer. Boomtrain also provides micro insights to CARS24, such as which channel is the most used by a particular user.


CARS24 now has a powerful omnichannel marketing practice, which it operates from a single platform provided by Boomtrain. Here are the numbers that CARS24 achieved in the past two quarters:

    • EMAIL: Sent out 2.3 million emails with a delivery rate of over 99 percent
    • SMS: Sent out more than 130k SMS  
    • PHONE CALLS: Triggered more than 100k automated IVR calls
    • FACEBOOK ADS: Pushed over 1.2 million users as Facebook ad audience

These campaigns together helped CARS24 achieve its goal of increasing appointment bookings.

Experience Using Boomtrain

We asked Shivangi from CARS24 about why they chose Boomtrain. She replied, “Boomtrain is easy to manage: You get easy A/B testing, quick reports, and an effective audience segmentation.”

Shivangi also commended the Boomtrain customer success team: “We really appreciate their quick responses and solutions.”

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