Gamespot experienced a 32%  lift in CTR while gaining a 2.8 lift in Click to Open Rate



GameSpot’s provides over a million daily visitors with comprehensive, engaging and unbiased game information for console, PC, and portable platforms. The site’s content includes previews and reviews on the hottest titles, breaking news, live Web casts, online tournaments, game downloads, videos, guides, hints and more. GameSpot is a property of CBS Interactive.


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32% Lift in CTR via Boomtrain-Powered Personalized Emails

Automated email personalization by Boomtrain drives over 32% lift in CTR for

32% Lift in CTR via Boomtrain-Powered Personalized Emails

Business Challenge

As the go-to gaming news source for millions of readers, GameSpot was looking to keep their users coming back, while converting fleeting readers of their content into habitual consumers hungry for the latest news and content. Suffering from the common retention drop-off, Gamespot wanted to build a superior innovative user experience that better engaged their readers.


Re-Engage Users through Automated Personalized Newsletters
Email has proven time and time again to be a strategic retention lever, but only when appropriately used. By capturing each user’s behavior and building individual user graphs, Boomtrain’s prediction engine automatically populates personalized content recommendations within Gamespot’s newsletters tailored to each individual recipient.

Increase Long-Term Retention Rate
Boomtrain’s technology is built upon the premise that a superior user experience drives not only engagement and performance lifts, it also builds greater brand affinity in the long-term – raising LTV via measurably higher Click Thru Rates and long-term retention rates while creating a tribe of users who are addicted to consuming and sharing their content.


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