Before Boomtrain, our small editorial team was scrambling to curate weekly newsletters in four different regions and we weren’t seeing the results we wanted…With Boomtrain, we can be mostly hands off and let the software do all of the hard work.


CHOW is the smartest food site on the Web, featuring entertaining videos; original stories; tested recipes; and in-depth discussions about cooking, restaurants, and more on their Chowhound boards. Millions of visitors consuming millions of pageviews a month cements as a leader in the food content vertical. Chow is part of CBS Interactive.


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Predictive Email Personalization Drives 2.5x Lift in Click-to-Open Rate for

Boomtrain’s predictive engines deliver automated content recommendations that drive brand affinity by significantly impacting user retention rates

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Business Challenge

Like many publishers, Chow is faced with limited resources for a mountain of tasks. Not only did they need a way to reduce/eliminate the manual effort of building their newsletters, but they wanted to effectively deliver more relevant content to readers on a cadence that matched their propensity to consume that content. (Think of it as TRUE right content to the right person at the right time)

In addition, Chow wanted to convert subscribers from casual readers to more engaged habitual readers.


Convert Fleeting Readers to Habitual Consumers
Boomtrain’s technology is built upon the premise that a superior user experience drives not only engagement and performance lifts, it also builds greater brand affinity in the long-term – raising LTV and creating a tribe of users who are addicted to consuming and sharing their content.

Automate, Optimize, and Personalize
Effectively scaling execution and delivery with limited internal resources was a top goal and pain-point for Boomtrain’s email personalization automates the content population and delivery of each and every email. Central to this automation is Boomtrain’s machine intelligence engine that connects the best content to the right individual at the right time.

PrimeTime leverages predictive algorithms to send personalized, individual emails at the most optimal time of day when each person will open and engage with the content.

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