The following case study puts the spotlight on Nykaa’s sophisticated email marketing strategy. Nykaa carries out highly-targeted email campaigns by creating deep segments from its user data. Read on to know how Nykaa does it.

About Nykaa

Nykaa is an eCommerce enterprise that specializes in beauty and cosmetics products. It’s a premier online destination for both men and women to find products from top beauty brands.

Here is a screenshot from its homepage:

Nykaa homepage


Like other modern eCommerce businesses, Nykaa considers email as a critical channel for business growth.

The biggest challenge for Nykaa was to practice email marketing in a highly-targeted manner.

With an effective and targeted email strategy in place, Nykaa aimed to achieve the following:

  1. Grow engagement with users
  2. Increase revenue from new and existing customers
  3. Take Nykaa’s brand reputation to new heights


Nykaa went ahead with Boomtrain as its email marketing platform. Boomtrain’s powerful email marketing engine allowed Nykaa to achieve its goals with the following strategies:

Deep segmentation

With Boomtrain, Nykaa was able to create highly specific user segments and deliver them targeted, personalized emails.

Nykaa tracked users’ actions on its website, and used their behavior to create certain segments. Next, it targeted the user segments with hyper-relevant email campaigns to effect high engagement. Let’s delve deeper with a few examples of such segments that Nykaa created:   

    • Highly engaged users: This segment consists of users who engaged with Nykaa’s emails (by opening or clicking its emails) in last 30 days.  
    • Bought a certain brand: These segments include users who bought a specific brand, e.g., users who bought L’Oréal products.
    • Order value: This segment contains users who’ve purchased items worth over a certain amount, e.g., users who purchased items worth over $50.
    • Category specific segments: This segment includes users who purchase items from a specific product category, e.g., users who purchase women haircare products.

Below are a few email highly-targeted campaigns that Nykaa ran on these segments.

This email campaign targets the segment “users who bought L’Oréal products”:

Nykaa's eCommerce email campaign 1

Nykaa targets “highly engaged users” with an informative campaign that offers knowledge on different beauty products:

Nykaa's eCommerce email campaign 1

Here is how Nykaa targets “users who bought hair products” and are “highly engaged”:

Nykaa's eCommerce email campaign 3

    A/B Testing

    Nykaa practices A/B testing in its email campaigns to optimize engagement metrics even further. It runs A/B tests on the following email attributes:

    • Email subject line
    • Email content
    • Send Time

    Send time optimization

    Nykaa is also exploring the use of Boomtrain’s latest feature, Prime Time Messaging. With the help of this feature, Nykaa will be able to deliver emails at an individually personalized time to each of its users. It aims at improving open rate and click rate of emails by sending them at the exact moment the users want to engage.

    Sample Prime Time Messaging report


    Taking into account the previous quarter, Nykaa delivered 29 million emails to its users through Boomtrain.

    Even with such a high volume of email delivery, Nykaa is able to secure a healthy average open rate of over 13 percent. At the same time, the click-through rate for the email campaigns is 8 percent.

    Experience Using Boomtrain

    We got in touch with Mousumi Dey from Nykaa to talk about Nykaa’s experience with Boomtrain. When asked about Boomtrain’s platform, she said, “Boomtrain is easy to operate and has a simple interface. The platform is user-friendly and coupled with great customer support, it helps our team fulfill marketing goals.

    About the support received from Boomtrain’s Customer Success team, Mousumi commented, “Boomtrain’s support has been amazing. The team resolve our queries and issues promptly, and offers support even during odd or non-working hours.

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