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[eBook] 9 Essential Tactics to Grow Your Email Subscriber List

This eBook offers 9 key ways — traditional and unconventional,...
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[eBook] Industry Report on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Marketing

Learn how you can include Artificial Intelligence in your multi-channel...
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[eBook] Predictive Analytics: The Key to Successful Marketing Campaigns

Predictive marketers are almost 3X more likely to show revenue...
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[eBook] The AI and Personalization Buyer’s Guide

The AI and Personalization Buyer’s Guide breaks down everything you...
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3 ways to create a winning content strategy

[eBook] Making Your Online Content Stand Out: 3 Ways to Create a Winning Content Stra

In this two-part eBook, we’ve outlined six practical ways that...
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Deliver valuable customer experience

Forrester Report: Deliver Valuable Media And Customer Experiences With Valuable Conte

The majority of marketing leaders report that content marketing is...
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Email Marketing with Machine Learning

What Machine Intelligence really means for marketers is that machines...
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Forrester Report on mobile marketing shift

Forrester Report: Marketing Strategy for the Mobile Mind Shift

To meet these rising expectations, marketers have to embrace a...
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5 ways to make your customer experience stickier

[eBook] 5 Things You Can Do to Make Your Customer Experience Stickier

Want to beat your competition? We’ve created a list of...
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The anatomy of a sticky customer experience

[eBook] The Anatomy of a Sticky Customer Experience

In the digital world, options are endless -- and attention...
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Forrester Report: The State of Mobile Marketer Tactics 2016 for Boomtrain

Forrester Report: The State of Mobile Marketer Tactics 2016

Transform brand engagement and rethink how mobile can transform the...
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Forrester Report: Determine if Your Business is Digitally Mature

This in-depth report divides businesses into four categories: skeptics, adopters,...
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Marketing Automation buyer's guide for tech savvy marketers

[eBook] The Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide

We created this guide to help you ask the right...
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[eBook] Anonymous Users Are People, Too

In this eBook, we outline how to identify anonymous users,...
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[eBook] Converting Anonymous Visitors into Known Users

In this ebook, you will learn a "Crawl, Walk, Run"...
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[eBook] 7 Tips and Tactics for Writing Email Subject Lines

Craft memorable and compelling email subject lines. It's time to...
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[eBook] Machine Learning for Email Marketers

What Machine Intelligence really means for marketers is that machines...
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[eBook] Behavioral Personalization Makes Money

Boomtrain's Behavioral Personalization platform uses Artificial Intelligence.
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