SAP Boomtrain Partnership

SAP Partners With Boomtrain Marketing Engine

SAP, one of the world’s leading enterprise software companies, has...
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16 TheStreet

TheStreet Covers Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards Squawk Box Interview

TheStreet provided some coverage on Boomtrain co-founder and CEO Nick...
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Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.13.29 PM (2)

CNBC Features Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards

Nick Edwards, Boomtrain CEO & Co-founder, discusses the intersection of...
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Mobile Advertising Watch

Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards Quoted in Mobile Advertising Watch

Nick Edwards was quoted in the Mobile Advertising Watch on...
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14 Inside Big Data

insideBigData Talks on Boomtrain’s Recent Acquisition

insideBigData included Boomtrain within their new product and services announcements...
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13 Includes Boomtrain’s Nudgespot Acquisition in the Weekly M&A Roun included Boomtrain’s Nudgespot acquisition in their weekly M&A roundup....
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12 EContent

Boomtrain Messenger Featured in EContent Magazine

EContent Magazine discussed how Boomtrain Messenger combined with Boomtrain’s core...
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MediaPost states Nudgespot Acquisition well-placed for Boomtrain’s expansion.

In a recent article, MediaPost stated acquisition of Nudgespot is...
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8 MarTech Advisor

Martech Advisor features Boomtrain’s acquisition of Nudgespot

Martech Advisor discussed Boomtrain’s definitive agreement to acquire partner, India-based...
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7 CRMmagazine

Boomtrain Messenger featured in Destination CRM

Destination CRM elaborated on how Boomtrain Messenger gives marketers AI-powered...
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6 VentureBeat

VentureBeat Highlights Boomtrain’s Acquisition of Nudgespot

VentureBeat featured an article on Boomtrain’s acquisition of Nudgespot and...
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PubExec Q&A with Boomtrain’s CEO: AI Will Revolutionize the Media Business

Publishing Executive recently sat down with Boomtrain’s CEO & co-founder,...
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2 MediaPost

MediaPost Features Boomtrain’s New SVP of Engineering Chander Sarna

MediaPost featured Boomtrain’s new SVP of Engineering Chander Sarna in...
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3 San Fransisco Business Times

Sarna Newest Addition to San Francisco Business Times’s People on the Move

Sarna will be responsible for helping Boomtrain grow and meet...
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4 Silicon Valley Business Journal

Chander Sarna Featured in the San Francisco Business Times

Boomtrain has appointed Chander Sarna as Senior Vice President of...
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1 Daily Mail

Boomtrain Featured in the Daily Mail

Boomtrain’s Chris Monberg was featured in the Daily Mail and...
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diginomica’s Next Big Thing: Personalization

diginomica writes about improving its readers’ experiences by personalizing
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Wizeline: Talking Product With Boomtrain’s CTO

The folks at Wizeline, the product roadmapping software company, have...
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CBSN: Mark Zuckerberg’s Sci-Fi Vision of Facebook’s Future

Mark Zuckerberg sees drones, lasers, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in...
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Econtent: Boomtrain and SparkPost Announce Partnership

EContent covers the announcement of Boomtrain’s partnership with SparkPost, “the email...
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