Mark Zuckerberg sees drones, lasers, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality in Facebook’s future. Boomtrain CTO Chris Monberg comments on why artificial intelligence is so important, and which of Zuckerberg’s goals are the most (and least) realistic.


If the Facebook (FB) of the future suggest some similarities to Skynet, the self-aware artificial intelligence villain in “The Terminator” movies, it’s not hard to see why.


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week provided a glimpse of where he sees the social-media giant in a decade, and it involves a novel combination of drones, lasers, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. In other words, it’s not the Facebook of Zuckerberg’s formative years at Harvard, which he dropped out of 11 years ago to focus on building a social network for college students.


To some, it may seem like a vision from a science-fiction movie.

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