According to ClickZ, if you measure customer service with surveys and focus groups alone, you’re not getting the full picture; digital channels like social and email can help. In this article, Boomtrain CEO and Co-Founder Nick Edwards talks about which measurement approaches to take, and how to make your customers happy with personalization.


Ignoring the fundamentals of tracking customer service could be detrimental to your business. The overall satisfaction can be measured, of course, by many traditional approaches such as survey your customer, call and thank them as well as conduct focus groups.


But they are not enough. Here we focus on two effective digital channels – email and social – to help you improve your customer service.


Email is one of the most efficient channels to assess the customer experience with your brand. For example, you can use email tools like Survey Monkey to deliver a set of surveys in order to receive qualitative feedback.


In the process, one question is how often should you send emails to track and measure your audience satisfaction?

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