Computerworld discusses the shift from mass to personalized marketing, as well as the launch of Boomtrain Editor, a tool that allows email marketers to create messages that surface hyper-relevant content with machine learning.


I was recently privy to a discussion amongst a number of high-level marketing executives within a traditional industry. This industry is facing something of a perfect storm as new entrants disrupt its cozy little industry. In an effort to shore up their operations, these vendors are looking to make cross-sell and up-sell offers to their existing customers. As I was chatting with these people, and as I quizzed them about just how personalized their emails were, I was gob-smacked to hear that their approach was very much generic, with most customers getting a similar email.


This is in direct contrast to new organizations whose modus operandi is all about hyper-personalization: Netflix with its movie recommendations or Amazon with its uncannily accurate purchasing recommendations are good examples. In an effort to help all organizations deliver this level of personalization, Boomtrain is launching what it calls a machine learning email personalization tool. First a little information about Boomtrain.

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