diginomica writes about improving its readers’ experiences by personalizing content recommendations with Boomtrain’s machine learning technology.


Over the last few weeks, we have been working with Boomtrain to create content pages that you’ll want to read and that is based upon your interest as learned from your behavior on the site.


Will it work flawlessly from the get go? No. Boomtrain uses machine learning to identify your preferences over time, building a picture of your interests in the moment so that you get what you want and not what we think might be useful.


Over time, we will learn as well because as both the list of subscribers grows and our content continues to evolve, we will discover the subject matters that mean the most to the whole readership. We can then start to tailor what we deliver accordingly.


We already know for instance that there is plenty of interest in UK and European government issues. We also know there is significant interest in the top vendors we cover. We also want to get closer to certain industry verticals rather than simply concentrate on the buzzword du jour because we know that industries have different emphases. We think machine learning techniques are the way to manage that set of content creation, development and delivery processes.

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