This case study highlights how UpOut used Boomtrain to deliver ultra-personalized email content to their readers, and increased engagement — click-through rate — 3x.

About UpOut

UpOut is an event guide website for adventurous locals. UpOut also runs an Insiders Club, a membership service that gets users complimentary tickets to over 200 events and access sold-out shows.

Here is a screenshot from UpOut’s homepage for users from New York City:

UpOut homepage

The Challenge

UpOut has actively pursued email marketing to increase engagement with their readers. The process of curating content every week and sending out campaigns, however, felt too manual — especially as UpOut expanded to more cities, and created more segments within each city.

UpOut wanted a solution which could automate their email campaigns and grow engagement. They wanted to provide each reader a unique, tailored experience, even with emails.

The Solution

UpOut took help of Boomtrain to automate and optimize their email campaigns. With Boomtrain, UpOut could do the following:

  1. Automate the content creation and delivery of its emails
  2. Personalize the content of each email to each subscriber’s behavior and interests

UpOut personalized their emails with Boomtrain’s machine learning technology, which uses a deep understanding of UpOut’s users and content to send each subscriber a unique, relevant email. Behind the hood, the personalization process is highly complex; for UpOut’s team, it was incredibly easy — far easier than handcrafting a newsletter every time.


With Boomtrain, UpOut sent out a total of 19 million email and saw a 3x lift in click-through rate.

UpOut was also able to improve the email open rate to almost 11 percent.

UpOut used Boomtrain to personalize emails and saw the engagement grow three times.

Experience Using Boomtrain

Boomtrain has helped UpOut use email to improve users’ overall experiences and further its mobile strategy.

Sam Ho, UpOut’s Chief Product Officer, shares his thoughts:

Email is not dead. Even in a mobile-first world, email is still a huge part of our engagement strategy. And truthfully, email is mobile. Over 60% of our emails are opened on a mobile device, which results in traffic to our mobile website and app. Boomtrain has taken things one step further by bringing in personalized content to each of our users, so we can engage each user even when they don’t directly open our app or website.

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