This case study highlights how Distractify used Boomtrain Marketing Engine to win at email marketing and grow their website traffic. Distractify used email personalization by Boomtrain to further optimize the email channel.

About Distractify

Distractify is a leading entertainment company that powers culturally relevant conversations by creating, covering, and curating what’s trending on the Internet.

Here is a screenshot from Distractify’s homepage:

Screenshot of Distratify homepage

The Challenge

Distractify saw an unprecedented social traffic growth. However, they wanted to continue to expand this audience and diversify traffic sources.

The Solution

Distractify focused on email as a channel to grow traffic to their website. With Boomtrain, Distractify was able to launch a personalized, easy-to-manage daily email newsletter.

To optimize the email channel to its fullest potential, Boomtrain helped Distractify send emails with highly-personalized content to users.

Below is an example of Distractify’s newsletter. The content of the email differs for subscribers with varying interests.

Distractify's personalized email template


In a span of around 3 months, Distractify sent out more than 2.7 million emails to their subscribers. The emails contributed a healthy share of traffic on the website.

While regular emails fetched Distractify a 28.2 percent click-to-open rate (CTOR), the personalized emails received an impressive 30.7 percent CTOR.

Personalized emails sent by Distractify performed almost 9 percent better than static ones.

Personazation lift achieved by Distractify using Boomtrain

Experience Using Boomtrain

Distractify mentioned that one of the immediate benefits of partnering with Boomtrain was that the backend was easy to navigate and very easy to launch. This helped them automate anything they wanted to, from the start.

Andrew Levine, CMO at Distractify says “We use email and on-site light boxes as part of our marketing and traffic diversification strategy. We’re able to highlight top performing stories and use personalization to grow our lists and engagement rates. Additionally, the support team is always easily accessible to answer questions and help us test new features.”

Andrew adds, “Having a solid product to work with, combined with an amazing support team, has made this partnership incredibly easy.

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