In eCommerce, attracting and retaining customers isn’t just about the products you sell: it’s about the experience you deliver — and that experience should be as targeted as possible. According to Accenture’s research, nearly 60% of customers want real-time promotions and offers. According to a study by Magnetic and Retail TouchPoints, more than half of internet users in North America “said that information shared with them should be relevant to what they’re currently interested in or looking to buy, as well as pertinent to their personal taste, style, age group or location.”

With Boomtrain, eCommerce companies can engage, convert, and retain customers more effectively, using triggered messages and personalized content recommendations in any digital channel. They can build emotional connections with their customers by making the online shopping experience more personal.


Key Takeaways

By personalizing its email content to every subscriber, this deals site saw lifts in engagement and deliverability:

  • 4x higher click-to-open rate
  • 22% higher open rate
  • 99% deliverability rate



The client is a high-growth deals site with 1.3 million readers. It posts hundreds of deals every day — everything from cleaning supplies to vacation packages.

With such a huge number and variety of deals, the client struggled to make its experience relevant to each individual reader. Specifically, the client wanted to send more relevant emails to its subscribers.



The client used Boomtrain’s technology to:

  1. Automate the content population and delivery of its emails
  2. Personalize the content of each email to each subscriber’s behaviors and interests

With Boomtrain, the client was able to send a unique, tailored email to every subscriber with the push of a button.



With Boomtrain, the client saw lifts in several key metrics:

  • 4x higher click-to-open rate for users receiving personalized content vs. popular content
  • 22% higher open rate in current quarter vs. previous quarter
  • 99% deliverability rate for all emails sent with Boomtrain

On top of that, the client increased brand affinity among subscribers by consistently adding value to their day-to-day lives.

Want to make your emails smarter? Learn more about Boomtrain Marketing Engine here. 

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