Why Boomtrain?


of newsletters are clicked

Most emails are not read

Usually because they’re not relevant, poorly timed, or have shoddy delivery

  • increase in clicks 100%
  • increase in time on site 75%
  • increase in signups 60%
  • increase in retention 92%

But not our emails

Boomtrain customers have vastly higher clickthrough rates

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Your site might have many topics

Boomtrain understands your content through deep semantic analysis.

(We “get” your content beyond just the text by creating massive topic models.)


And your audience is made up of thousands, if not millions, of readers, subscribers, and customers.

We learn about your users by tracking their behavior & engagement creating individual user graphs.

Our machine learning algorithms analyze:

Behavior Behavior

mood  Mood

trending  Trending Content

meta  Metadata & Semantic Analysis

businessrules  Your Business Rules

And combine it with artificial intelligence to learn about each user

We use that data to send ultra personalized content

Every email is tailored for maximum engagement

We match users with content they love

This is why our newsletters have 50% higher click-to-open rates

Boomtrain artificial intelligence personalization works seamlessly with any existing email service provider. Simply drop in a snippet of Boomtrain code into your existing template and each individual recipient will receive personalized product and content recommendations.

And here's the best part...Boomtrain is completely automated and scales to an unlimited audience size

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