This case study illustrates how GameSpot used Boomtrain’s AI-engine to achieve an almost threefold increase in its email click-to-open rate.   

Strong engagement is what enables media companies to sell more ads or more subscriptions at higher price points than Joe Blogger. Still, in the hyper-competitive digital media space, attracting and retaining an audience is hard.

Digital media companies use Boomtrain technology to increase engagement by giving each reader a unique, tailored experience. This strategy ultimately allows them to create a loyal audience, stand out from other media companies, and reduce their reliance on outside platforms.

Key Takeaways

By using machine learning to personalize the content of each email, GameSpot increased subscriber engagement:

  • 2.8x higher click-to-open rate 
  • 32% lift in click-through rate


For more than 18 years, CBS Interactive’s GameSpot has been the most well-known gaming community on the web, attracting millions of visitors around the world. The site’s content includes previews and reviews of the hottest titles, breaking news, live webcasts, online tournaments, game downloads, and more. 

To stay ahead of its competition, GameSpot wanted to convert fleeting readers into active, engaged regulars — and keep those regulars coming back.


Email proved to be a critical piece of GameSpot’s engagement strategy. GameSpot uses Boomtrain technology to:

  1. Automate the content population and delivery of its emails
  2. Personalize the content of each email to each subscriber’s behaviors and interests

GameSpot personalizes its emails with Boomtrain machine learning technology, which uses a deep understanding of GameSpot’s users and content to send each subscriber a relevant email. Behind the hood, the personalization process is highly complex; for a marketer, it’s easy as sending an ordinary newsletter.

Here is a GameSpot email personalized for one of their subscribers:

GameSpot AI-personalized email newsletter


With Boomtrain, GameSpot saw a clear lift in engagement:

  • 2.8x higher click-to-open rate for users receiving personalized content vs. popular content
  • 32% lift in click-through rate for users receiving personalized content vs. popular content

GameSpot case study numbers

In addition to making its emails more valuable to subscribers, GameSpot made the most of its evergreen content, making sure every piece was resurfaced for the right reader.

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