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Customer Experience at Scale

Built by data scientists from Amazon, Netflix, and LinkedIn, Boomtrain’s machine learning engine understands your content, analyzes your readers’ behavior, and applies what it learns to grow your list of subscribers, keep them engaged, and automate your marketing.

Need to save time building segments and curating newsletters?
Looking for powerful ways to increase your engagement?
Want to deliver remarkable customer experiences at any scale?


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Deliver unique emails to every single person on your list

If you have 1,000,000 subscribers, Boomtrain will send 1,000,000 unique emails. Our personalization engine precisely tailors your product and content recommendations to every reader’s individual preferences, tastes, and moods. Turn on the A.I. and watch your engagement soar.

Send the perfect message at exactly the right time

For every subscriber, Boomtrain automatically optimizes your delivery times, subject lines, and sending frequency. Readers who can’t get enough of your content will get more, while those who’d prefer a lighter cadence will get less. Everyone gets the content they want, when they want it, at the frequency they prefer.

Delivering the Win-Win

Your users win with an incredible customer experience, and you win as your engagement metrics soar.

Double your signups with Boomtrain’s opt-in tools

Opt-in bars that scroll with readers as they read down your site; overlay pop-ups that capture them before they leave; and sliders that appear when they reach key parts of the page: these are the best tools to get more subscribers, and Boomtrain gives you all of them.

Get real-time and historical insights into your content and customers

Ever wonder which articles or products are trending on your site right now? Which topics are most popular with your most engaged readers? The insights Boomtrain gathers to deliver personalized recommendations help you make the right decisions about what to promote right now and where to invest down the road.

How Do We Do it? Data. A lot of it.

And Machine Intelligence so powerful, you’ll swear it’s science fiction.

User profiles and counting (yes, that's Billion)

Real-time user events processed every day

Articles, videos and products ingested

Personalized pieces of content sent

How does Boomtrain work?
Once you’ve installed Boomtrain’s asynchronous tracking code on your site or in your app, our A.I. tracks and analyzes your visitors’ behavior. Meanwhile, we put a feed of your content through our natural language processing and semantic analysis algorithms and group each article or video into a set of topics. Lastly, our machine learning algorithms process all of this data in real-time to predict which pieces of content or products every individual customer is most likely to enjoy.
I have inconsistent metadata and tagging. Will Boomtrain still work?
Absolutely! Unlike some of our competitors, we do not rely on metadata or error-prone manual tagging. We believe your content is best understood through semantic analysis and insights, not manual tags. Once Boomtrain is up and running and you’re sending us a feed of your content, our process automates the rest.
Can I create segments based on behavior?
Yes. Since Boomtrain tracks all interactions that happen on your site and clusters your content into topics, you can target messages to reach specific segments and/or content preferences.
Do you use the same personalization algorithms for every customer?
Not a chance. Our data scientists custom-build algorithms for each individual customer. We consider your unique data structures, content types, and business objectives, then create a solution that aligns with your model. Our algorithms continue to optimize and improve as your content and your customers’ preferences evolve.
My audience doesn't login. Can I still use Boomtrain?
Boomtrain starts working as soon as someone takes an action that identifies them (like clicking a link in an email or signing up for a newsletter). As soon as we’ve identified someone, we start personalizing the content and product offers they receive.
What does it take to get up and running?
Integration typically takes approximately four to eight engineering hours, depending on the complexity of your site. It’s a straightforward process, and we will have a customer success engineer walk you through every step and answer any questions you may have.



Before Boomtrain, our editorial team was struggling to curate weekly newsletters in four different regions. We were exhausting ourselves, and we weren’t even getting great results. Meanwhile, our existing system had no ability to personalize the content we were sending.Now we let the software do all of the hard work, and our engagement gets better all the time.

Patrick Sullivan

Senior Product Manager, CBS Interactive



Before we let Boomtrain’s algorithms take over our newsletters, our writers were scrambling for hours every day to get them out, and our CTRs were holding steady at 3-4%. Afterwards, our CTRs were consistently 11-12% and we never had to send anything manually again. We liked it so much that we even started sending newsletters on weekends. It was pure win-win.


Eric Hochberger

Founder, The Hollywood Gossip



Paid subscribers are the name of our game, there is a direct correlation between engagement and upgrades. With Boomtrain, we’ve seen an ROI of over 1600% and double and triple-digit improvements across every important engagement metric I track. I had no idea that it’d be this good.




Ramonos Fessas

Head of Product, DramaFever

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