The following case study shows how ENDURO used Boomtrain’s AI-based email marketing engine to increase web traffic to its website.


If you’ve ever thought of buying a mountain bike to hit the trails, chances are you’ve heard about ENDURO. ENDURO is an online magazine that tests and reviews the latest mountain bikes for you. It also suggests great trails, workouts and gear to feed your biking addiction.

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The Challenge

ENDURO’s primary goals were to offer more relevant, personalized content and ads to their website visitors and email subscribers. After deciding to move from MailChimp two years ago, ENDURO wanted to work with a partner to increase automation and save time for the team.

The Solution

ENDURO took help of Boomtrain to deliver customized emails to their subscribers. With Boomtrain, ENDURO  created highly personalized emails based on predictive analytics.  

Here is an example of ENDURO’s personalized email:

ENDURO personalized email with Boomtrain


ENDURO saw the website traffic coming from emails grow twice in size as a result of using Boomtrain.

ENDURO sent out more than 300k emails to their subscribers in a period of 3 months. The few emails that were static (non-personalized) in nature got around 10 percent click-to-open rate (CTOR). The personalized emails performed far better and fetched over 15 percent CTOR.

ENDURO saw a staggering personalization lift of 56 percent with their emails.

ENDURO achieves better email engagement with personalization using Boomtrain

Experience Using Boomtrain

Aaron Steinke, Web Director, at ENDURO shares his thoughts on using Boomtrain: “Partnering with Boomtrain has allowed us to send messages and content to our users based on what they show the most interest in, and offer premium, personalized ad spots to our customers.”

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