This case study highlights how Game Rant used Boomtrain’s lightbox popups with advanced targeting features to convert their website traffic into a large subscriber list.

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About Game Rant

If you’re always digging for in-depth game reviews, you probably know about Game Rant. With a high-authority site and a massive social following, Game Rant is a game lover’s go-to resource for reviews of the top video games.

Game Rant homepage

The Challenge

Despite being a popular and a high-traffic site, Game Rant wasn’t maximizing its list-building potential. Game Rant was convinced that given the heavy traffic that their site generated, they could collect more emails.

More emails would mean a more engaged and frequently returning audience. Game Rant also observed that email subscribers visited more pages during each visit, compared with traffic from other sources.

Game Rant Chief Vic Holtreman said that the biggest challenge they faced while building their list was making targeted offers.

As Vic says: “A generic site-wide pop-up did not work very well.”

The Solution

To explore the potential solutions, Vic had a quick discussion with the Boomtrain Lightbox team.

Vic says: “[We] spoke with Boomtrain Lightbox about how to entice people to sign up. They suggested that a downloadable product of interest to a specific audience would work very well. It was up and running within about a week.”

Based on the Boomtrain Lightbox team’s suggestion, Game Rant chose two topics and developed downloadable freebies to offer on pages related to them.

For their hugely popular content on the Fallout 4 series, Game Rant created a downloadable freebie called “Fallout 4 Survival Guide.” This freebie was then offered to visitors who landed on any content about Fallout 4 and stayed for at least 30 seconds.

Once Game Rant decided to show targeted email offers with downloadable freebies, Boomtrain Lightbox’s in-house designers created custom Lightboxes for Game Rant (with different versions for desktop and mobile).

Here is the desktop version of the Lightbox popup:

Game Rant's targeted lighbox popups using Boomtrain

Here is the mobile version of the Lightbox popup:

Game Rant's targeted lighbox popups using Boomtrain for mobile

Game Rant then used Boomtrain Lightbox’s advanced targeting features to display the Lightbox on specific pages of the site.

Setting Up Targeting in Boomtrain Lightbox

Using 5 simple rules, Game Rant was able to display the Lightbox on specific pages for a predetermined period:

  1. Current Page URL: This field determined the pages on which the Lightbox would show up. Game Rant set the Lightbox to show up when a visitor landed on a URL that contained the term “fallout.”
  2. Total Seconds on Page: Setting this field to 30 seconds ensured that the visitor was fairly interested, and eliminated the fear of irritating visitors by showing the opt-in offer too soon.
  3. Display Until: Game Rant set up the Lightbox to stop appearing in either of the following two cases: 1) the visitor closed the Lightbox, or b) the visitor subscribed. This nifty feature saved Game Rant from annoying readers who had already subscribed or who weren’t interested.
  4. Device Type: Since Boomtrain Lightbox allows device-level targeting, Game Rant was able to show this pop-up only to the visitors who visited using their desktops or laptops. (A mobile-friendly design was shown on mobile devices.)
  5. Max Displays Per Session: By using the maximum displays per session rule, Game Rant restricted the displaying of the Lightbox to just once per user session.

The Results

With Boomtrain’s highly targeted lighbox popups, Game Rant was able to achieve 3-4 times the number of subscribers than before.

Vic shares: “Prior to using Boomtrain, we were getting about 30 sign-ups per day. Using this targeted method (which loaded on far fewer pages) increased our sign-ups by 3-4x.”

Game Rant increased subscribers 3-4x using Boomtrain's advanced Lightbox popups

What’s Next for Game Rant

While Game Rant is using Boomtrain Lightbox’s targeting rules to build lists, it’s yet to use the data that Boomtrain Lightbox collects for more advanced optimization tactics like list segmentation and personalizing.

For each subscriber, Boomtrain Lightbox collects information like the subscriber’s source, landing page, demographics, and more. This data can be sent to a number of CRMs and ESPs, allowing you to segment your list and create targeted auto-responder sequences that push your subscribers down your conversion funnel.

Game Rant’s Power Tip for People Struggling With Conversion Rates

Having experienced the goodness of advanced targeting, Vic shares this insight with people struggling to get higher conversion rates: “Make sure you target the audience. Keep in mind the interests of the visitors either to the overall topic of your site or the particular article they land on.”

At Boomtrain Lightbox, we’re always stressing the importance of targeting. Even if your website doesn’t cover such diverse niches as Game Rant, you can still benefit from targeting.

And we absolutely love what Game Rant had to say about us:

They know their business well and are helpful and patient in dealing with clients.”

– Game Rant

Download Game Rant Case Study with Boomtrain

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