Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards talks with The Hub about the future of marketing, and the difference between advanced segmentation and true personalization.


“We need to get away from the idea of segments, and turn that into truly individual communication.” That’s what Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards argues, and he holds the line against some tough questions.


It’s easy to agree with Edwards that “the vast majority of marketing communication isn’t relevant; it just turns into noise, and consumers are used to blanking it out.” But scratch the surface of personalized messaging as offered by some of the big marketing tech vendors out there, and what you really find is messaging targeted to more or less granular audience segments–defined by purchase histories and demographics, or–more ambitiously–by recent or current behavioral data. Even advanced marketing automation tools don’t target “Kim Davis” so much as people Kim Davis’s age, in New York, at the same point in the customer journey.


“Personalization,” Edwards says, “is an accurate, yet not totally satisfying term” for such an approach. Over the last decade, there have been huge advances in the ability of marketing automation tools to define market segments by attributes. Using machine learning algorithms, he says, it’s possible to take the next step to genuine 1:1 communications.

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