In this International Business Times article, Chris Monberg, Boomtrain’s co-founder and CTO, weighs in on the online dating business.


Startups are known for their pivots, but some stick to their principles, even in the face of generational and technological change.


Take, for example, eHarmony: “It was a group of people who said, ‘We know how to do this one thing. If the world is not interested in this one thing. We will go out of business,’ ” Grant Langston, eHarmony’s vice president of brand marketing, told International Business Times inside eHarmony’s new headquarters in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles.


That “one thing” was match people for serious relationships online with a lofty goal to achieve marriages and drive divorce rates down. When the founders pitched the idea in the early 2000s, people would laugh. At that time, the online dating industry was primarily for “having sex very quickly with someone you don’t know very well,” Langston said. If you wanted a relationship, you went to family, friends or perhaps church.

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