The International Business Times reports on Twitter’s retention problem; Boomtrain CEO Nick Edwards provides insight into why Twitter will be incorporating machine learning into its timeline.


Twitter Inc. is in trouble. User numbers are growing slowly, actual usage of the service may be declining, and the stock is trading at record lows. Co-founder Jack Dorsey has his work cut out for him.


The burning question going into earnings Wednesday is whether Dorsey is willing to fundamentally change the product — including the chronological timeline — to attract new users. Any mention of change can trigger a #RIPTwitter-type reaction among power users, and yet Twitter must move beyond the power users — the people who live on Twitter — if it wants to be as mainstream as Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat.


All signs point to big change coming: Dorsey is pushing a revamped feed that would allow users to see popular tweets from accounts they follow rather than in chronological order, which would be an expansion of the current “while you were away” feature. There’s also talk of lifting the 140-character limit on tweets.

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