In Case You Missed It (ICYMI):
This week-in-review serves as a place to see trending and interesting news in Marketing Technology, Machine Learning, and User Experience. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), check out these awesome articles that got our attention. Wells Fargo weighs in on personalization, tips to boost your content marketing, and Watson finally speaks!



Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization Email Marketing

There’s a Strong Link Between Personalization and Improved Email Marketing

According to fresh research from Venture Beat, personalizing emails improves open rates for 95% of email marketers…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo CEO: Key to Disruption is Personalization

CEO of Wells Fargo gives a great speech on why personalization is crucial in their innovation…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization Mobile

Why Retailers Need to Pay Attention to Mobile Personalization

Whether online, mobile, or in-store, customers expect a great experience. This is true for almost any industry, but in retail, where a well rounded omni-channel path to purchase is becoming increasingly pervasive, experience is king…read more



Boomtrain ICYMI Entrepreneur Email Marketing Alive

Alive and Kicking: Why Email Marketing Is Still a Huge Tool for Business

In marketing circles, the debate I hear most often is over the existence of email marketing’s pulse: Is it dead or alive?…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Content Marketing Change

Change is the Real Constant in a Content Marketing Strategy

The relentless pace at which the demands of content ecosystems have been growing mean that watching for new developments and making adjustments for them are de rigueur components of a content marketer’s job…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Content Marketing BizCommunity

The Art of Content Marketing to Your Audience

It There is this word ‘content’ that comes with many terms and conditions, yet it can be misused according to how people want to use it. I mention terms and conditions because at times, it can work against you, with you, or for you…read more


Machine Intelligence

Boomtrain ICYMI AI Best automated things and robots

These Are the Most Mind-Blowing Robots, According to 17 AI Researchers

Hardly a day goes by where a robot doesn’t beat a human at things originally thought to be impossible to automate….read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Watson

The Future of Artificial Intelligence – Researchers Train IBM’s Watson to Chat

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers are exploring and pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) by partnering with one of AI’s most notable citizens — IBM’s Watson — to advance how computers could help humans creatively solve problems in a wide variety of professions…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Microsoft Machine Learning

Microsoft Open-Sources its Distributed Machine Learning Library DMTK

Software giant Microsoft has today announced the release of a new open-source machine learning toolkit that goes by the name DMTK…read more


Now, let’s watch some robots battle it out in chess…

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