In Case You Missed It (ICYMI):
This week-in-review serves as a place to see trending and interesting news in Marketing Technology, Machine Learning, and User Experience. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), check out these awesome articles that got our attention. Google and NASA team up, the StitchFix founder answers marketers questions, robot dreams, and Centipede!



Boomtrain ICYMI Email marketing

How to Improve your Email Marketing Performance

Professional, highly personalized email marketing can be cost effective, capture high conversion rates, and nurture meaningful, long-term relationships with the people who matter most for your bottom line….read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization StitchFix Marketing

Founder of Stitch Fix Answers 4 Questions for Marketing Innovators

Inspired by the opportunity to create a truly personalized online shopping experience by blending the best of brick-and-mortar retail with an innovative approach to data and technology, Katrina Lake founded Stitch Fix in 2011 while she was a student at Harvard Business School…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization Top Dog Big Data

Data is Top Dog in Personalization

One pet insurance company learns that when it comes to personalization, a little data can go a long way.. …read more



Boomtrain ICYMI Emoji Influence B2Community

The Undeniable Influence of the Emoji

People send an average of 96 emojis or stickers per day, which adds up to 6 billion around the world. Marketers have taken note of their popularity and have found ways to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategies…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI MediaPost Content Marketing Native Advertising

Content Marketer Says Native Advertising Will Fail

This is not new but it’s worth sharing, given the current focus on ad blockers and the resultant hand-wringing among marketers and agencies renewing their focus on “unblockable” native advertising as if it will save advertising…and the publishers that host that advertising….read more

Boomtrain ICYMI B2Community Content Marketing 5 tips

5 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Strategy

If 2014 was the year of content, 2015 has been the year of good content. These steps below will help you identify and make a difference in your strategy…read more


Machine Intelligence

Boomtrain ICYMI AI

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change Our Lives, for Better or Worse

If you’ve been paying any attention to the media over the past year or so, you might get the impression that it’s only a matter of time before the threat of artificial intelligence comes to destroy us all…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI AI Google + NASA

Google and NASA develop the quantum processor ‘D-Wave 2X system’

A new partnership between NASA, Google and the Universities Space Research Association (USRA) announced a five year Space Act Agreement, that will put into action the most powerful “D-Wave 2X system“, a state-of-the-art quantum processor, which will enable customers to run much larger, more complex problems on the system…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI AI dreams adolescence

AI adolescence and robot dreams

Proponents of machine intelligence want to eradicate human error but maybe we should worry about robot error, AI adolescence and whether machines can dream?…read more


And to end on a lighter note….

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