This week-in-review serves as a place to see trending and interesting news in Marketing Technology, Machine Learning, and User Experience. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), check out these awesome articles that got our attention on Automation, AI, Email Marketing, and more.


Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: Business2CommunityPersonalization Isn't the Future of Marketing

Personalized marketing is not dead – it’s still a viable and valuable perspective to use as a marketing tool, but we must change our more




Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: iTech PostAI Systems To Learn Human Common Sense

Common sense reasoning is still to be achieved by AI machines. This is one of the challenges in today’s artificial intelligence research…read more




Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: Builder OnlinePersonal Vs. Custom

Back to basics, and one of the basics is the ever-changing, ever-classic basic that moves us: beauty…read more




Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: Huffington Post What's the Next Big Thing in Artificial Intelligence?

Evolutionary algorithms emerge as the next big thing in AI, allowing us to tackle more ambitious problems…read more



Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: Huffington Post This 191 year-old New York institute just made artificial intelligence history

New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute has accomplished what roboticists and computer scientists have been trying to do for decades: build a computer with a basic form of self-awareness…read more


Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: VentureBeat How 98-year-old Forbes Media generates 70% of its revenues from digital

Mobile is generating a big percentage of traffic as well…read more




Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: Business2Community What Customers Want

At a time when competition is rife across the board and with so many companies looking to increase sales and customer retention, how can businesses think like their customer…read more



Boomtrain ICYMI 7/20-7/24: MOJN Importance Of E-Commerce Personalization in 20 Revealing Stats

Twenty reasons your digital marketing strategy needs work…read more



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