In Case You Missed It (ICYMI):
This week-in-review serves as a place to see trending and interesting news in Marketing Technology, Machine Learning, and User Experience. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), check out these awesome articles that got our attention on Automation, AI, Email Marketing, and more.



Boomtrain ICYMI B2Community marketing automation

Cooking Up Customers: How Sales and Marketing Should be Working Together

Each cook in the kitchen has a specific task that leads to an ultimate goal. This is how marketing and sales should be working together…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI 4th Source

Can't See the Digital Forest for the Trees? Implementing a Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

In the slick technical jungle we live in, survival of the fittest is no longer based on physical prowess alone, but instead on our ability to integrate, analyze, and redefine…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI B2Community

How 3 Core Shifts in Marketing Automation Can Transform Your Business

The marketing automation industry has snowballed over the past few years, and yet it’s only just getting started….read more



Boomtrain ICYMI Pesronalization UK

The Problem with Personalization in the UK

Personalization promised much for the digital ad industry. Serving up relevant ads tailored to a specific consumer at a particular time and place, however there are concerns about it’s capabilities…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI CapeTalk

How artificial intelligence could affect marketing and creativity in the future

Advertisers and marketers are really good at spamming consumers with competitions and other content, but technology developments could see the dynamics flipped on their head…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Content Marketing

8 Ways to Maximize Your Content Marketing Strategy

Supercharge your content marketing efforts with these tips!…read more


Machine Intelligence

Boomtrain ICYMI AI Wine Pricing

AI Predicts the Price of Fine Wine

The price fluctuation of fine wines can now be predicted more accurately using a novel artificial intelligence approach…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI CIO Machine Learning Startups

Machine learning algorithm to help VCs choose startups

BigML and Telefónica Open Future create a “world first” algorithm…read more


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