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This week-in-review serves as a place to see trending and interesting news in Marketing Technology, Machine Learning, and User Experience. We hope you enjoy reading these as much as we did. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It), check out these awesome articles that got our attention. Barbie gets a brain, the new ‘Dislike’ button, and retail personalization!



Boomtrain ICYMI TechCrunch Personalization

Is Personalized Discovery A Feature, Category Or New Paradigm

What do you do when you don’t know what you want to read, watch, listen to or do next? What do you do if you don’t know what to search for? Or can’t describe clearly what you’d be interested in next…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization Mobile B2C

Why Personalization Matters On Mobile

We have gotten used to the smartphone quickly. Sometimes we forget that as a technology, it is a mere ten years old. Why is that relevant?…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI Personalization RIS retail

7 Things to Know about the Future of Personalized Marketing

The myopic view centered exclusively on sales KPIs, the dominant force in retail today, will be replaced by a business model that measures the profit of social influence, relevant interactions and personal relationships. …read more



Boomtrain ICYMI Content Marketing B2Community

7 Proven Ways to Drive Content Engagement

“Content is where I expect the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting,” says Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI IT Portal

The importance of embracing mobile marketing

With mobile overtaking desktop as the main way of accessing the internet, brands have new opportunities to reach their customers on their preferred platform…read more

Boomtrain ICYMI B2Community Content Marketing

6 Simple Steps For Getting Your CEO Involved In Content Marketing

It’s clear we as marketers must improve how we involve chief executives (and for that matter other members of the executive team) into our marketing strategies. Not out of a feudalistic desire to protect our jobs, teams, and budgets, but ultimately to maximize the impact of our efforts…read more


Machine Intelligence

Boomtrain ICYMI Dislike button

How the new ‘Dislike’ button will help Facebook know even more about you

Leveraging dislikes into big data…Well played Facebook….read more

Boomtrain ICYMI AI Barbie IB Times

Artificial intelligence takes over Barbie’s brain

A prototype for Mattel’s ubiquitous Barbie doll has been developed that incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to allow it to process human speech, and even answer profound questions like: “Do you believe in God?” …read more

Boomtrain ICYMI AI Breast Cancer

Artificial Intelligence May Be The Antidote To Breast Cancer

The new way to fight with breast cancer has been discovered by researcher. Yes, its artificial intelligence, which is may be the antidote to breast cancer….read more


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