Boomtrain supports Juma ventures Boomtrain hits the ballpark to support Juma Ventures in their efforts to help break the cycle of poverty by ensuring that young people complete a four-year college degree. This community-focused/roll-up-our-sleeves attitude is a big reason why I and many others joined the Boomtrain team. We are a family committed to help each other and our community.

Boomtrain team at ATT Park supporting Juma Ventures

Front: Tim Yandel | Second Row: Melissa McMillan, Mika Pearson, Logan Herr, Julius Narkus, Morgan Flannery | Back Row: Mike Cooper, Jamie Griffith, Tim Kennedy, Travis Roethel, Jake Levinger

We had the opportunity to take a break from the Silicon Valley startup hustle to support this great cause with almost a dozen “Boomers” proving their sales skills at the coffee stations and in the stands themselves. It was a hot day, but so worth it! For every dollar we raised by selling concessions, a percentage was donated to Juma.

One of our newest Boomers, Logan Herr, loved the experience so much, he had this to say: “I walked with a smile every step, it helped kids get a college education. Selling ice cream on a hot day in SF for charity, what’s more serendipitous than that? I asked the tricks of the trade from a high schooler volunteer, he said ‘go low, and toward the sun, they have the cash and the heat… perfect combo. I thought I was ahead, until I learned Jamie had found the Virgin Airlines level and tapped the mother load… We all had a great time, sharing our stories at the end was the best part.”

Below are some great shots of our team. Like everything we do at Boomtrain, we always have fun, and we’re always looking for more great people looking to make a difference for our product, our customers, and our community. We have a “Get Sh#t Done” attitude that flows through everything we do. Do you have it in you? Join our team!

julius and travis mike









Tim Travis and Morgan Travis and Amelia









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