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What if you could actually trust a machine to write (and continually rewrite) its own rules about what to send to whom at what time?

Answer: You could spend less time resetting email triggers and waiting for new segmentation reports and more time crafting artful infographics of your outstanding quarterly performance gains.

Email marketers have been the victims of their own success. Whether you’re in media, eCommerce, B2B services, or even brick-and-mortar retail, email has consistently proven itself to be one of the easiest, cheapest, and highest-performing channels available today. Add in powerful data analytics and marketing automation platforms, and the potential for optimizing performance and efficiency seems limitless.

And it is, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The technology (Marketing Automation, Analytics) has taken over a lot of the “manual labor” of email marketing: building, sending and testing. But like many technological innovations before it, it’s added an additional level of management and oversight to the mix. Machines need maintenance, machines need to be told what to do, machines can’t learn from their mistakes.

Until now…

Enter Machine Intelligence, the technology that is transforming the way both consumers and marketers interact with content. It promises to:

  • Cut through the noise of massive data sets to find meaningful insights and subtle patterns in real time
  • Enable greater personalization by taking the guesswork out of content curation
  • Automate complex processes to save you time
  • Lift engagement, reduce churn, and substantially increase the lifetime value of your customers


Here’s a few ways Machine Learning Technology can be the Advil to your email marketing headaches:


Cut through the noise with individually relevant messaging delivered when consumers are ready to pay attention.

Challenge 1: Getting more people to open your emails

  • How do we scale up without over-saturating?
  • How do we increase engagement (and reduce churn)?
  • How can we personalize subject lines at scale without sounding like robots?

The mythical “Segment of One” has become a reality. Through Machine Learning, we can send individually tailored emails to every person, every time. You can set-it-and-forget-it and let the algorithms automatically adapt the strategic models and rules engines based on an ever-evolving understanding of content and user behavior.

  • Make subject lines dynamic based on what’s likely to engage the individual recipient  
  • Automatically tweak subject line based on personalized content within the email.
  • Optimize delivery time based on when that person is likely to open and/or engage with the content within the email.


Automatically curate and populate content for EACH user,

Challenge 2: Increasing Conversion

  • How can we find time to build, segment and test in a world that expects real-time relevance?
  • How can we achieve meaningful personalization at scale?

Let the technology takes the guesswork out of content curation. By automatically surfacing and populating the most relevant content for each recipient, based on the conversion goals you define, Machine Intelligence gives you the power to make your communications more “human” at any scale.

  • Automatically customize emails with content that is statistically likely to engage each user based on that individual’s behavior.
  • Make the most of new and time-sensitive content like a daily deal, coupon or breaking news story, and instantly tap into cultural trends and viral opportunities.
  • Match users to content based on a deep semantic understanding of the content itself, as well as its real-time popularity among all your other customers.
  • BONUS: As it learns, you learn. Machine Intelligence will surface insights that allow you to see WHY certain content is relevant and identify broader trends among your content and your audience.


Automate everything, including your automation!

Challenge 3: Efficiency

  • How can we “Always Be Testing” even as campaign life-cycles get shorter and shorter?
  • How can we squeeze all that performance and more out of the same (or fewer) human resources?

Machine Intelligence can give you back time you never knew you had by tirelessly building, targeting, and delivering emails on a level no human can accomplish alone. We’re not talking about hard-coded rules-based automation that has to be actively managed by a person. We’re talking about a system that can learn, adapt, and respond based on your business rules but with minimal human intervention. It’s like a zillion-strong army of researchers, testers, analysts, and writers that never eats or sleeps.

  • Gone are the days of manually segmenting lists. Think of it simply as one master list that the machine slices and re-slices in real time, into segments of one person.
  • Deploying emails using machine intelligence is like having a constantly running A/B test with a constantly vigilant team of analysts to instantly tweak and optimize the algorithms based on performance data.


efficiency is only part of the equation.

Just because machines are making some of what we do easier and faster, does not mean they are making us obsolete, they’re just enabling us to operate at a previously unimagined scale while still maintaining (or at least approximating) the human intelligence and sensitivity that define good customer interactions.

What Machine Intelligence really means for marketers is that computers are finally good enough to operate without so much oversight from us. (We reserve the right to retract this statement if SkyNet ever becomes sentient.) So take a deep breath and put your trust in the machines and get back to leading, innovating, and creating compelling content.

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