Recently, Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer has been very vocal about how she is planning to Yahoo!’s turnaround. She sat down at Techcrunch’s Disrupt to discuss how she is implementing Personalization to take Yahoo from fading star to online and mobile powerhouse.

Billion-dollar acquisitions and a new (debatable) logo aside, Mayer focuses mostly on the goal to strengthen products and core properties in response to a downturn in traffic over the past years. “In many cases we haven’t lost those users, we just want to get more time and attention,” says Mayer.

Yahoo is doing so with Personalization. “We are really a Personalization company: organizing the right content, the right advice for each of our users. Giving them reason to come back and stay longer.”

That means features like new recommendations based on personal likes and interests on revamped Yahoo! Screen app, and the return of the personalized homepage with a ‘My Yahoo’ relaunch. This organization of content and providing advice to users spans across the web and mobile, with a heavy emphasis on users’ daily habits and how they relate to content and functionality.

Personalization works:

And it seems to be working: Yahoo has passed 800 million users worldwide, with a 20% increase in monthly active users. Part of this growth can be attributed to some previous investments like Yahoo! Japan, and Mayer notes it may take them another 3 years to get where they want to be- with Personalization of products paving the way.

For media companies hoping to grow like Yahoo, Personalization is an easy and effective way to get users coming back more often and staying longer. While Yahoo does hope to gain new users, focusing on growing current user activity has been a winning strategy. Yahoo views Personalization as an investment in products and content, allowing media companies to fluidly adapt to customer’s new behaviors and organizing the user experience over time. We couldn’t agree more.

Watch the full interview with Yahoo!’s CEO Marissa Mayer:

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