Marketing Land covers the launch of Boomtrain Editor, a simplified application for machine learning-powered emails. This article outlines how the product works, how machine learning-based personalization is different from rules-based personalization, and how Boomtrain Editor stands out from other email products on the market.

Email personalization is common these days, especially where rules are set for which kinds of emails — or even which parts of an email — are sent to specific segments of users.


Boomtrain specializes in going beyond rule-making, with machine learning-driven personalization for email and mobile notifications. Today, it is hoping to make the process easier for marketers with the launch of its Editor.


CEO Nick Edwards told me that although this is essentially the same machine learning system as before, the Editor’s simplicity is the difference here.


Previously, the company’s integration was designed for a developer to insert JavaScript into an email template, as in the company’s recently announced integration with Oracle’s Responsys marketing automation platform.


Now, he said, a marketer only needs to upload a template and click a few buttons in the new WYSIWYG tool. The template is then ready to be personalized according to discovered patterns in the web content the user is visiting, and other data.

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