Artificial Intelligence Marketing for
Media & Publishing

At Boomtrain, we focus on delivering the most relevant, most engaging content to your users at the right time. Your users will consume your messages at a higher rate, leading to revenue-generating activity from their inbox to your site and mobile app.

What can Boomtrain do for you?

You’re constantly writing articles, producing videos, or building slideshows for your audience. What if you had the same power that Facebook has to surface and serve the most relevant content to each individual person at scale? Boomtrain equips you with the same power that Facebook has to understand each individual user and piece of content to build onsite, mobile, and email user experiences that drive consumption, engagement, and shares. See how artificial intelligence marketing for Media & Publishing can help you today.

Increase Sessions

Users served Boomtrain personalized content come back more often. A lot more often. Our media and publishing clients see a 4x increase in return visits over the average user who comes in through other channels.

Grow Time on Site

When every experience is more relevant, users stay on your site or app longer, leading to more activity and ad revenue. Boomtrain’s on-site personalization can bring a 5x increase in page views / session.

Create Viral Users

The more your users like the content they see, the more they are likely to share it, comment on it, and engage other readers about it. In fact, Boomtrain users are 3x more likely to share your content.

How do we do this?

Unlike other machine learning marketing platforms, we are not tied to any single Email Service Provider, Marketing Automation Tool, or channel. Boomtrain is the intelligence layer that works with your current marketing stack.

Our artificial intelligence platform ensures that the most relevant stories reach your users every time. It knows each subscriber and each piece of content, and it continually and automatically refines that understanding by incorporating new data points and finding hidden connections. The result is delightful customer experiences that drive activity automatically.

Anonymous Users Are People, Too

They are the key to robust, sustainable growth.

Learn how to:

  • Identify and track anonymous users.
  • Personalize at every stage of the user journey.
  • Use behavioral data to inform your content strategy.