Boomtrain and SendGrid partner to bring 1-to-1 engagement at scale via email

Ignite engagement at a 1:1 level with Boomtrain & SendGrid

Make your emails hyper-relevant for each and every one of your subscribers through machine intelligence powered content recommendations automatically built into your SendGrid emails.

Finally, the promise of delivering the right content to the right person at the right time is a reality.

By understanding your users’ behaviors and coupling that with a deep semantic understanding of your content and products, Boomtrain automates the process of building truly individualized 1:1 emails at scale through its next-generation predictive engines.

And thanks to SendGrid’s powerful email delivery system, SendGrid customers send thousands, even millions, of personalized emails unique to every one of their subscribers every day.

Boomtrain and SendGrid: Your partners for superior user experiences.

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Boomtrain’s technology is built upon the premise that a superior user experience drives not only engagement and performance lifts, it also builds greater brand affinity in the long-term. Greater brand affinity drives increased Life-Time-Value and creates a tribe of users who are addicted to consuming and sharing your content.

Boomtrain and SendGrid, Better Together:

Automatically Personalize Content for Each Email Recipient

Automate the assembly and delivery of individually-tailored messages that can include any type and quantity of targeted dynamic content recommendations for each recipient, such as videos, articles, products, coupons, etc.


Bring Editorial and Dynamic Content Together

Seamlessly combine editorial/curated content with automated dynamic content to provide a balanced experience to readers.


Regain Valuable Time via Automation

Dramatically reduce message creation and curation time through templates that dynamically populate for each recipient plus generate unique subject lines via machine-powered automation.



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(oh, and did we mention we can do the same for on-site personalization as well…)

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