Predictive Intelligence for Marketers:

1:1 Personalization at Scale

In this pre-recorded webinar, hear industry leaders from Forbes, TheNextWeb, and VentureBeat discuss handling the rise for the demand in true 1:1 individualization that taxes and stretches how we look at personalization. No longer can we look at segments and audiences in aggregate; today’s consumers demand individualized user experiences that resonate with them on a personal level.

In this Webinar, you will learn:

  • How modern marketers have already started implementing the same powerful machine learning being used by Facebook and Amazon.
  • How companies like The Next Web have found success in repeatedly maximizing engagement through 1:1 personalization powered by machine intelligence.
  • What types of insights that machine learning will surface for you faster and with greater accuracy than previously available.

Today’s consumers are more savvy and more distracted than ever before; they have learned to ignore the constant marketing noise we as marketers have become guilty of pushing out. The organizations that cut through the noise and deliver relevant, highly engaging user experiences last, while those that don’t are soon forgotten.

The goal is to provide real value to each one of your users with every communication. If you make each user feel like a person (not a segment), they will keep coming back. Ignore their needs, and they leave. Beyond just personalization, we must individualize every user experience.

How do you scale individualization to reach every one of your users on a 1:1 level? How do you make sure you consistently provide value to every individual?

The answer: Machine Learning

Ask Yourself: “What if you had a marketer for every single one of your customers who knew their behaviors, product preferences, and types of topics they loved most?” Sounds impossible, unless you only have a handful of customers.

Machine learning makes this possible, at incredible scale. When you look at Facebook, Netflix, and Amazon, they solved the same problems with powerful machine learning. That same technology used to be locked up or “out-of-reach” for the majority. That has now changed.

Featured speakers:
Andrew Jones, VB Insight Analyst, VentureBeat
Tom Davis, Chief Marketing Officer, Forbes Media
Martijn Scheijbeler, Growth, SEO & Analytics, The Next Web
Bob Colner, Director of Analytics, Boomtrain