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Predictive Intelligence for Marketers: 1:1 Personalization at Scale


Consumers demand and deserve a more personal, individualized user experience. They are more savvy than ever and look for more products and content that resonate with them on that personal level. The days of the one-size-fits-all message are over. In order to cut through the noise in their inbox and online, us marketers started to turn more and more to personalization.

Personalization, in its most used form, isn’t really new. For nearly as long as there has been email marketing, there’s been personalization. Yet, many marketers still struggle with personalization, be it onsite or in email. It is time for marketers to leverage Predictive Intelligence to really reach their audience.

Let’s Talk Personalization for a Second

The problem with most personalization is that it is highly reactive. Relying on simplified “if/then” type logic to customize an email or website based on triggers. It does the job, but only halfway. All this is manual, time consuming, and ultimately inefficient. In an article we wrote, titled “Personalization, What It Is and What It Ain’t,” we looked at the very definition of personalization. Most still treat it as simple “Mail merge” or even product recommendations powered by aggregate generalities. These tactics use aggregate data to feed you content that people like you might find interesting. As you can see, it seems promising, however, it ultimately proves inefficient because it doesn’t actually give you, the individual, what you would most likely want to read.

As mentioned above, the process is manual, meaning someone has to curate the content, analyze the data, re-curate the content. And it is still highly reactive. To move beyond this manual, reactive process, marketers need to get more predictive. (And no, I don’t mean looking into a crystal ball or going to a fortune teller to reveal some incredible gut-filled revelation.) It’s time to remove the dependence on our guts, and start using powerful data-backed science to predictively engage our customers. But how do we do that? Predictive Intelligence.

What is Predictive Intelligence?

Predictive Intelligence uses powerful predictive analytics powered by machine learning to continually process data and online behavior about every individual. It’s about anticipating the most ideal content to serve to each person at the right time – in a sense, anticipating what the customer wants and needs. Think of it as an input/output flow, where data goes in, and content comes out. (Content can be articles, videos, products, or even services.)

It’s massively scalable, truly automated, and flexible to adhere to every business’s goals. For us marketers, Predictive Intelligence means Predictive Marketing that creates user experiences tailored to each individual based on each individual’s own user graph. (A user graph is simply an individual person’s digital fingerprint of their online behaviors and interests — the key word being “individual”). In short, it’s all about reaching each person with the content they are most likely to love, based on rich data sets.

Key benefits from Predictive Intelligence:

  1. Higher on-site and email engagement
  2. Reduced user churn by continually providing value to your users
  3. Data-backed insights that tell you where to focus your resources
  4. Greater revenue from each user across multiple monetization models
  5. Not only more loyal customers, but happier customers

Major online brands like Forbes, TheNextWeb, and VentureBeat have started leveraging Predictive Intelligence for their users by tailoring every email or onsite experience to the individual consumer. It’s like transforming into, delivering the content you are most likely to want to read and engage with, almost before you even know you want it.


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Predictive Intelligence for Marketers: 1:1 Personalization at Scale


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