Boomtrain’s Audience filters allow you to segment your users/customers based on their properties, activities and behaviors displayed on websites or apps, and actions performed on messages (email, push etc) that are sent to them. This filtering mechanism allows you to strategically segregate your users or customers into smart lists and segments depending on your communication needs. However we always wanted to add more fluidity to this feature so that it can address the seemingly countless audience segmentation demands of the new age businesses. That’s why we’re introducing Advanced Audience Filters – a new way to handle complex audience segmentation.

The feature introduces two new filtering methods:

Filter Group: Grouping different types of filtering queries together.
Nested Filter: Complex User Property filters defined using AND | OR operators.

The feature can be accessed in the audience section of the dashboard and will give you the ability to refine and narrow segments to reach the perfect audience for your campaigns.

Filter groups in action

The existing Filter button in the Audience section is now replaced by the Add Filter Group option:

advanced filter boomtrain
Now you can create separate filter groups for:

  • Property Filter Group: Filtering based on user properties like Name, City, age, email, device, etc
  • Activity Filter Group: Filtering based on activities and behaviors exhibited by your users.
  • Messages Filter Group: Filtering users based on their interactions (or inactions) with your messages.
  • Segments Filter Group: Filtering based on entry or exit of users from audience segments.

You can create these filter groups individually and club them together to define complex audience segments.

Here’s a use case to show it in action:

An eCommerce brand wants to send a follow up discount email campaign to:

  • Users from the city of Bangalore who have purchased an item before, but have not opened the promotional email that was sent to them; and are not a part of the unsubscribed segment.

The logic here is:

City is Bangalore AND have done purchase activity in their lifetime AND have not opened promotional email AND have not entered unsubscribed segment.

Here’s how simple it is to set it up now:

advanced audience filter zeta

Note: The Activity, Messages and Segment filters can all be scoped further based on time and user properties.

Nested Filter in action

Out of the 4 different Filter groups mentioned above, Property Filter Groupgives you the option of using nested AND/OR operators to drill down further.

Here’s a use case to show it in action:

An Airline wants to send a discount email campaign to:

  • All male passengers from the city of San Francisco who have engaged with its emails in the last one month, and have traveled to New York in the last 6 months.

The logic here is:

City is San Francisco AND have engaged with emails in the last one month AND have booked flights from San Francisco to New York in the last 6 months

Here’s how simple it is to set it up now:

nested filter boomtrain


  • Nested Filters is only available for property filters as of now.

If you would like help with setting up complex audience segmentation filters, you can always reach out to our customer success team.

We would love to hear your feedback on this update. Drop us a note at [email protected]

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