There was a time when handling email campaigns was simpler. Brands used to run a few email campaigns every week and a dedicated email marketing manager would manually keep a close watch on the performance of the campaigns. But times have changed now and some brands send multiple email campaigns in a single day! Not only that; they also launch different types of campaigns – email, push notifications, triggered emails, SMSs, and the list goes on and on. Handling such complexity becomes difficult if the marketing tool is not equipped with the right campaign management features.

Keeping this in mind, we are excited to announce improvements in BME’s Campaign Listing. Now it is easier to navigate your campaigns, filter them as per your requirement and get an overview of their performance just through a glance!

Here’s an overview of the improvements:

Clean and Easy Navigation

After logging in to BME, navigate to the campaigns section to find them listed one above the other. You will notice that:

  • The thumbnails are now bigger and clearer for easier identification.
  • Draft badges are clearly mentioned next to the campaigns that are still in draft mode.
  • Every campaign is tagged with relevant System tags that give you more details about the campaign. The system tags can be: Email, SMS, Push, A/B, Recurring, Prime Time, etc.

campaign listing BME

Easy Campaign Filtering With Unified Filter

The Campaign Listing is now equipped with an easy to use Unified Filter that you can find at the top navigation bar. Use the filter to zero in on a campaign by selecting the relevant parameters.

campaigns tags bme

Better Analysis of Recurring Campaigns

You can now analyze the performance of recurring campaigns at a granular level. Before this update, you could only find the aggregated stats of recurring campaigns limiting your ability to analyze every instance of the campaign send. Here’s how you can do it:

recurring campaign analysis bme

Error Transparency

Keeping a close watch on campaigns and ensuring that there are no errors during or after their launch can be a cumbersome task, especially when you deploy many campaigns in a single day. To make this easy, we have made error indication more visible and easily accessible in the listing. You will see an exclamation mark indicating error(s) next to the relevant campaign. By clicking on the symbol you can find out the issue(s).

error transparency BME

Live Stats Updates

When you draft a new campaign and activate it, the listing will now give you a live update about the status, right below the name of the campaign. The campaign stats are also updated right next to the campaign listing in real time!

live updates campaigns bme

Tell us what you think

We listen to you. Almost all of our product feature updates and improvements are based on valuable user feedback. Tell us what you think about these improvement by dropping a line at [email protected]

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