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AI is helping UpOut to deliver personalized experiences by analyzing content and user behavior from their website and mobile app.

Our machine learning helps you gather insights about your users and provides predictive recommendations so that you can deliver relevant experiences on your website, through personalized emails, and across your mobile communications.

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AI Platform

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Messenger is an online chat tool that draws upon past behavior to engage customers in intelligent conversations at just the right time.

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Boomtrain’s AI engine builds complex user graphs and semantic topic models to unearth latent needs and discover hidden relationships between users and content.

How it works

Boomtrain’s machine learning engine optimizes customer touchpoints based upon their behavior.
Deliver powerful experiences in every channel.

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AI and Personalization Buyer’s Guide

Enhance your customer experience across every channel. Be more personal and relevant in your communication. This guide tells you everything you need to look for when considering AI and personalization to increase customer engagement at scale.

The AI Personalization Buyer's Guide

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