If you’re in the business of customer communication—and who isn’t?—you’ve no doubt come face-to-face with the harsh reality of marketing communication: it seems most of your customers are not interested in what you have to say, most of the time. Over 96% of non-spam marketing emails are never clicked. They are the electronic equivalent of take-out menus and grocery store circulars. This leads you to the great Catch-22 of marketing: you don’t want to send emails or push notifications that are ignored (or worse, resented), but you can’t engage your customers by not communicating with them.

The industry’s answer to this is Personalization. And here at Boomtrain, we couldn’t agree more. Everyone’s more likely to engage with a personalized email than an anonymous blast. Of course, if the answer were really that simple, we probably wouldn’t have multiple Machine Learning PHDs on the payroll.

Personalization Challenge 1: Real-Time

Most data is old by the time it’s used. I may have read 50 articles about basketball in March, but my true passion in April is the SF Giants—even though I’ve only clicked on one article about them this morning. I might be influenced by a breaking news story or a hot trend, my favorite team might have a bye this week, or I just might be in the mood for something different. 

Boomtrain uses advanced machine learning and predictive analytics to create a constantly evolving picture of each individual user—what they just watched, what they just favorited, what they just shared on Facebook. We also track data on content in real time—what’s new, what’s trending, what’s getting more or less attention than it was yesterday. Real-time personalization is not just about who likes what, it’s about who likes what, in what format, at this very moment.

Personalization Challenge 2: Multi-Channel

We don’t need to convince anyone that users today are an omnivorous lot, consuming a huge variety of digital content on about half a dozen different devices. A lot of people like to say things like “email is dead,” which is patently untrue, but the reality is that brands have to reach consumers on multiple channels if they want to create a holistic experience.

 Boomtrain allows our customers to manage their email and push notifications from one unified platform. You can manage and send notifications, customized with individually relevant content, to people on whatever channel is most relevant to them and most impactful for your brand. We’re all about ease of use: If you’re happy with your ESP, keep ‘em; our API-driven architecture makes it easy to pull data into and out of our engine.

Personalization Challenge 3: Personalization

A lot of people are selling segmentation as personalization. Segmentation—especially smart segmentation—is not a bad thing, but a segment is not a person. People are finicky and unpredictable. They want hamburgers for dinner one night and then ice cream and popcorn the next. They want to watch On the Waterfront and then Ren & Stimpy right after it.

Personalization, true personalization, is observing an individual’s behavior—what they order, what they read, when and how frequently—to predict what they’ll like at a specific time in a particular context. This is what we do for your email and push notifications. We enable companies to communicate with individuals, using content customized to that individual’s unique needs. It’s the difference between giving all your friends the same nice gift and giving them each a uniquely personal gift.

Personalization Challenge 4: Personalization At Scale

So we can all agree that sending personalized content in your email or push notifications is more likely to drive engagement. So how do we do that for an audience of millions? Even if we could train 1 million monkeys, the banana costs alone would put us in the red. Scaling personalization up seems to contradict the very definition of the word, and in truth, no one is going to write 1 million unique emails, not in this lifetime.

It turns out that sending 1 million unique emails is something that machines are really good at, especially ours. Boomtrain makes sending 1 million individually personalized emails as easy as sending one. We can make sure that the content we send is personalized based on real-time data, and we can even make sure it gets sent at the moment when each individual user is most likely to engage with it.

That’s what we’re selling: Real-time, Multi-Channel Personalization at Scale. We think it’s a challenge that’s worth solving, and we think your bottom line will agree.

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