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Some call it an Agency. Some call it professional services. We like to think of
ourselves as your secret weapon.

Expand your Marketing Team Overnight

Best practices,guided implementations and consulting services to
maximize your ROI.Services & marketing acceerators for every phase
of the customer engagement.

Data Science as a service provides the Intelligence
you’ve been craving

Leverage our data science team to uncover patterns and actionable
insights hidden deep within your data including sentiment,keywords,
topics,clusters and more.

Centralized Data Management Platform

Bring disparate data sources together under relational and flat
hierarchies to enable powerful segmentation and user views.

How GameSpot Drives 2.8x Engagement Boost With Email Personalization

This case study illustrates how GameSpot used Boomtrain’s AI-engine to achieve an almost threefold increase in click-to-open rate.

By using machine learning to personalize the content of each email, GameSpot increased subscriber engagement:

  • 2.8x higher click-to-open rate
  • 332% lift in click-through rate

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