Managed Services

Best practices, guided implementations,
and consulting services that maximize your ROI.

Services & Marketing Accelerators for every phase of the customer lifecycle.
From acquisition to onboarding to abandoned shopping carts, you can quickly implement a broad array of marketing use cases.

Managed Services

Acquisition campaigns

Convert visitors while their interest is piqued using lightbox and pop-over tools. When implemented using best practices, these tools allow you to ask your browsers to opt-in at just the right moment, and with the optimal value proposition.

Nurturing campaigns

Build a stronger relationship with customers by recognizing key moments in their lifecycle. By welcoming new subscribers and engaging them at anniversaries, you can orient your users towards your brand.

Engagement campaigns

Increase revenue by creating high- value experiences for your customers. Use these campaigns to drive customers towards the stickiest content on your site, reward them for engagement, encourage brand advocacy, and cross-promote newsletters based upon behavior.

Shopping cart campaigns

Engaging with shoppers at the right moment can drive massive revenue for online retailers. Knowing where, when and what to send can be tough for even the most seasoned marketers. We provide guidance on creating the best (and highest ROI) shopping cart campaigns.

Cohort monitoring

Manage the health of your email programs by proactively monitoring your subscriber base. Track everything from sign-up and retention rates to the deadwood population to gain incredible insight into how to optimize your tactics.

Other options for increasing your ROI

Performance audit
Already started with the platform? Our team can review your implementation to help you tune the engine.

Optimized templates
Take advantage of our expertise and let us build your email templates.

Custom services
Need a bespoke solution? We’re ready to help.